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Web development is a comprehensive activity which comprises any aspect that will boost the ROI on your business. Therefore it employs the use of advanced programming languages and script-driven pages that drives traffic, enhances sales and improves profitability. If your business is suffering on account of poor development, it’s time you turned to the experts.

At Your Out Source Team we provide a multitude of services in web development which spans website architecture, execution of dynamic applications, creation of user friendly interface as well as web server configuration, e-commerce functionality, content development, design and client server coding too.
End to end
Our web development services are end-to-end which means we provide all services related to not just page layout and design but also design, structure, as well as promotional strategies that we believe will work for your business. Hence we are consultants too – who work collaboratively with you for highly driven results.

Our core expertise in web development comprises the following services:

  1. Catalogs related to e-commerce to accelerate your business performance
  2. Creation of email autoresponders to get repeat sales
  3. Effective and secure payment gateways for safe billing and payment processing
  4. Effective message boards as well as forums for enhanced interactivity
  5. More innovative promotional marketing campaigns
  6. Easy content updating and management for dynamic and fresh web content.
  7. Web based database applications.
  8. Network/Server monitoring tools
  9. Web based HelpDesk software
  10. Server Administration control panels
  11. Server maintenance scripts
  12. Server Backup software
  13. Shopping Carts
  14. Desktop Applications
Event calendars to keep you updated on latest opportunities
Advanced programming languages

We use the latest state-of-the-art technology for all our web development services. Our language skills include:


  • PHP
  • Perl
  • C
  • C++
  • Shell scripting
  • JSP
  • Servlet
  • XML
  • Soap
  • Java Beans
  • KDE
  • QT
  • Gnome
  • Palm OS
  • mySQL
  • mSQL
  • PostGreSQL

Software Development


Your Development Team can offer software solutions tailored to meet your business needs. Your projects get completed on time, remain within budget and confirm to pre-determined quality and functional parameters.
At any stage, you want to be sure development is going according to plan. You don't want to be in a situation where you come to know a few days before the deadline that the project has not reached anywhere. To avoid this, projects are continuously cost and time controlled. You are given a Milestone chart in the beginning which clearly states what should have gotten over and when. We also make sure Status is clearly visible at all stages of the project.
And we specialize in high quality products. Whether it is performance, reliability or security of the product, it is clearly quantified in the beginning of the project. For example, you know that the program should not take more than 250ms to load. In effect, Quality of deliverables is defined beforehand in clearly measurable terms.


Linux Administration