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FAQ : Your Link Buliding Team

Q: What Should I Expect From My Link Building Team?
Ans: When you outsource your link building activities for your website to a link building team, there are some commonalities between teams that you should observe:
Q: What does my preferred link building team require before accepting my project?
Ans: Your link building team will usually need the URL of your website, a description of what your site is about, the title of your site and 50% payment in advance before they can be hired by you.

Q: How many links can I expect my link building team to produce for me?
Ans: You will need to state upfront to the team how many links you expect to be created for you, as well as how high the desired page ranking is. A good link building team can create 100 to 150 links for the project, usually. This will also dictate how long the link building campaign should last.
Q: How will the links be gathered?
Ans: There are teams which rely on software to do the job, while others claim the manual way is better (meaning they actually visit the sites.) There may be a combination of P3 to P5 links for one Link Popularity campaign, with page ranking excluding home pages. The team may opt to try to reach the webmaster of each relevant site, while examining the page ranking and themes of each as well.
Q: Do I have any say over which links can be used for my own site?
Ans: You should. Your team ought to compile lists of confirmed links for approval of the client. The client will then be responsible for tagging which ones are of good quality and meet his standards.
Q: Can links be replaced?
Ans: Yes, you always have the option of changing any links that have been placed in your site. It is your site, after all.
Q: the link: aspect of Google-related results show my relevant links?
Ans: Yes, definitely. The links will also be indexed by the concerned search engines.