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FAQ : Your Search Engine Optimization Team

Q: What does a thoroughly prepared SEO effort entail?
Ans: In creating and implementing Search Engine Optimization for your site, the SEO team may offer services in copywriting content, initiating paid advertising, keyword search optimization, and even link building. You should know how big you want your site to get so that the SEO team can schedule the project accordingly. Most projects require up to 6 weeks to be created and implemented.
Q: What are the most important search engines used by SEO teams now a days?
Ans: Hot Bot, Alta Vista, Ask Me, Yahoo, MSN, and Google are considered among the leading search engines being employed nowadays in SEO efforts.

Q: Can I adjust the content, design, and structure of my website?
Ans: This is always possible if you own the website. You may opt to initiate the changes yourself, with perhaps advise and necessary input from the SEO team you hired; or you can provide the mandatory FTP access so that the SEO team can carry out your instructions regarding any necessary changes to your website for you. The content, appearance and structure of your website should never be considered something cast in stone – there will be times when eventually you need to refresh your website so that visitors don’t get bored.
Q: What happens when I allow the SEO team to make submissions to search engines ?
Ans: Generally, the leading search engines on the Internet are responsible for most web search traffic – up to 90% at times. There are SEO teams which claim that manual submissions are more effective than software which are supposed to do the same thing. Search engine submissions will be influenced by search engine behavior, so it would be wise for your SEO team to stay on top of any trends being observed.
Q: How can I be sure my SEO team will raise traffic headed for my site?
Ans: You need to monitor the SEO campaign yourself.