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One of the most cost-effective means when it comes to search engine marketing is through pay per click (PPC). We at Your Outsource Team can give you the best kind of Pay Per Click Management Service that you’re looking for.

Our team boasts of one of the most comprehensivePay per Click Management teams in the UK. We focus on the following elements:

Keyword Research and Use

Keywords are the lifeblood in a PPC campaign. We make use of accurate keyword suggestion tools in hand and analyze them based on their estimated sales conversion rate.

Compatibility with search engines

Stick with your Pay per Click Team, and you can advertise in all major search engines. We offer the best kind of market flexibility, which can give you maximum traffic and sales.

Progressive Performance Monitoring

we will not have a one-time deal. In order to ensure that you can get the kind of success you deserve, Your PPC Team will continuously monitor the click-through rate and keyword statistics that all play a vital role in PPC. We will also send out PPC progress reports, even if you don’t ask for them.

Strategic Positioning

it is very vital that your ad is placed in an area that is immediately seen by your target users. With the keywords that you have, we will assess the best locations for you. This way, you can maximize your investment and generate the best ROI.

PPC Hosting

you can also run your own PPC campaign right at your own website. It means added income for your business. The technicalities can be overwhelming, but let the best Pay per Click Management Team in the UK handle everything for you.

Landing page modification.

As part of the package, your PPC team can improve your landing page to make it more attractive and appealing to your prospective clients and avoid the goggle slap.